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Teaching at Lehigh

  • I am a teaching assistant professor in the Perella Department of Finance at Lehigh University College of Business.

  • I teach finance courses at the MBA level (in-person & hybrid) and the undergraduate level.

  • My courses cover modern finance theories and practices leveraging experiential learning approaches with a particular focus on application.


MBA 402
Managing Financial and Physical Resources


MBA 453


MBA 461
Financial Claimants



FIN 335
Advanced Corporate Finance

Comments from Students

  • "I have really enjoyed my time in this class." (FIN 335)

  • " Very considerate Professor when I had a medical emergency." (FIN 335)

  • "I really enjoy Professor Tong." (FIN 335)

  • " Professor has put together a solid curriculum that has helped me further understand corporate finance." (FIN 335)

  • "The professor being very in depth and passionate about the material." (FIN 335)

  • "I think he is a really passionate professor, understanding, always willing to help students out, and is very clear about what we can expect on examinations." (FIN 335)

  • "Professor Xiaochuan keeps the class engaged in a relaxed manner so that people participate but there isn't pressure when you answer a question." (FIN 335)

  • "I feel as though the class is structured in a well organized manner and all of the opportunities to succeed were well provided." (FIN 335)

  • "The case study is interesting, and the review sheet for exam helps a lot." (FIN 335)

Teaching at Bradley

  • I was an Assistant Professor of Finance In Residence in the Foster College of Business at Bradley University (2021-2022).

  • I taught three finance courses: Personal Finance, Business Finance, and International Finance.

  • My students were from majors more than business disciplines across the university, such as Music and Entertainment Industry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Psychology, etc.

FIN 220
Personal Finance

FIN 322
Business Finance

FIN 323
International Finance

Comments from Students

  • "Thank you for a great year! One of the best professors I've had in a really long time." (FIN220)

  • "You are definitely my favorite teacher and I hope to have you in another class in the future." (FIN220)

  • "I had a great time being in your class." (FIN220)

  • "Thank you for always being so helpful and understanding, this is definitely one of the most impactful courses I’ve taken during my time here at Bradley!" (FIN 323)

  • "I never considered myself to be really interested in finance, but this class really opened my eyes to new concepts and topics that I found very interesting." (FIN 323)

  • "Over this semester I have truly learned so much!" (FIN 323)

Teaching at King's

  • In the King's Business School, I taught the following modules as a seminar/tutorial instructor from 2018 to 2019.

  • I achieved the status of Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) in recognition of attainment of the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education. 

Corporate Finance

Behavioral Finance

The Social Psychology of Financial Markets

TA at UMass 

  • Teaching review sessions (including online modes)

  • Office hours (in person / online)

  • Online teaching technology support

  • I have been a TA at UMass Boston for several courses assisting with teaching weekly review sessions (Financial Accounting), hosting office hours (Managerial / Financial Accounting), and providing online teaching technology support (Federal Tax Planning (MBA), Federal Taxation I).

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