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A little about me.

I was trained to be an industrial designer in my freshman year in the School of Engineering, which required a combination of knowledge in engineering and design. I was fascinated with the foundational courses that I learned, such as C++ Programming, Database and VF Programming Design, Operations Research, Advance Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Physics, and Material Science. In the meanwhile, I was also engaged with courses in design, such as Design Sketching, 2-D Composition, Chromatology, Intro to Art & Design, and Intro to Architecture.

I have maintained my genuine interest in engineering and design over the years. However, I decided to pursue a much different passion beginning in my second year of college. I decided to explore the constantly changing economic and business world with an in-depth understanding of theories and practices. I’m always enthusiastic about innovations in knowledge and technology in terms of modeling, explaining, and predicting.


For the past ten years, I have been pursuing my goal to be a financial economist.

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